Utility App: Social Media Manager

This week in college I had to do a Utility App, that would have user access and alerts, data input and output and all that fun stuff developers have to do. Here is a view of my app. Got an A+ on it so that’s good lol. 🙂

It’s not as good as I was hoping to make it tho. It was a very time consuming project and i had very little of it to get it just right. But when I finally start making the real thing, I’ll have the time in the world to make it perfect.




Super Cars App Prototype

Here I made a prototype application for one of my assignments in college. A super cars wiki app. Limited information, but is not an actual app o it doesn’t matter. Click on the link and you can take a tour of my app. Click on the links, read about the cars featured, just like you would any app on a phone. Pretty neat program, I like it. “Just in Mind”, great for showing clients the working app before initializing the coding process.

Click here to see the App

My first iOS app

My second project on my Visual Frameworks class at Full Sail University. A Kill la Kill wiki app lol. It’s something I like and “school appropriate” lol. So far this class has been really fun, and coding, besides been a pain, it’s actually not that bad. Let’s see what else I’ll be making. I’ll post all my work  so everyone can follow my progress.