Mobile Design + Development

iOS – Swift

App – SpaceBlast (Game)

Made with Xcode and the Spritekit framework. All the user data is been saved using the App42 Cloud API. This manages all the user profiles, game scores and achievements. I also integrated Facebook so the user can share their score on their fb profile.

App – D3Hero

This app lets you keep track of your game profile from the video game Diablo 3. Here you can check all the information from every character you have used. Their armor, stats, skills and seasons played.

App – InkME

This is a prototype for an application I intent to make in the future. This application lets tattoo artists register their businesses, promoting their work using photos, availability and prices. Clients can also sign up, follow their favorite artists, get full information on the tattoo shop, directions and also rate and comment on each artist.


App – SM2

It’s a simple utility app. The “Social Media Manager” or SM2 lets users save all their contact’s from their phone social media sites. Each contact has their own profile and a list of all their social media pages. Letting the user get a hold of the person faster.

App – Vela Air

This prototype is for a fictitious airline who needs a website. lets travelers buy tickets, check flight status, check in, check miles and much more.

App – Soul Eater Wiki

This application is a wiki for a very popular japanese anime series. It shows images of the series, information for each character and a simple story you can change to integrate youself and your friends.

App – Food Wars Recipes

This app was one of my first tries at making an application and I can say I did a pretty good job at it for been my first try. Another anime series application. Shokugeki No Soma (Food Wars) features alot of japanese recipes. This app shows images of each recipe features in the show and their recipes.

App – SuperCars

A prototype for a quick wiki app on super cars. Their features and images of each car.

App – SOAR Airlines

Prototype for an airline application, where you can check in, book flights, track your flight and redeem miles.

Android – Java

App – Photivo

Photo sharing application similar to Instagram. Let’s you organize your images by folders and be able to share those folders with friends and family.

App – FoodieGuru

With FoodieGuru, people can create something delicious with the ingredients they have at home. You can actually save a lot more money when you cook at home instead of spending money for take out or prepared meals. Using FoodieGuru, you can add the ingredients you have on hand and search for simple and delicious recipes to make. You can save your favorite recipes for later use and also share them with friends and family.

App – Chordea

Chordea is an entertainment search application that helps users find local events, concerts and shows. Chordea gives the times and venues for each event and helps you find the tickets as well. You can save your favorite events or shows and get reminders when the event dates are closing in. Users can also find movies playing in their area. Get showtimes, see trailers and save movies for later. Users can also share events or movies on social media or through texts as well. With Chordea is easy for users to not only look up local events but also events in cities and countries they visit.